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Ever Sense Wi-Fi High Resolution Color Touchscreen Thermostat. Featuring Proximity Control Technology and Built-in Speakers for Wireless Streaming Music Instantly adapts based on what you are doing today using Allure Energy's Patented Proximity Control Technology, so your family always arrives home to comfort.

Automatically enjoy comfort and savings. Quality speakers for wire lessly streaming music from your iPhone or Android smartphone directly to Ever Sense. Instead of learning bad habits, Ever Sense adapts to your current behavior based on how far or near, each user may be from their residence. Stuck in traffic? Save money. Working late? Save money and still arrive home to a comfortable environment. Easy to install and setup. Ever Sense is larger than most thermostats and usually covers the area of the old thermostat so you don't have to paint. Energy Saving Tips, Weather with animated radar and more. Built with pride in Austin, TX. Instead of using a battery that constantly charges from your HVAC system and frequently needs replacement, Ever Sense uses power only when needed. Batteries cause increased consumer electronic waste and take time and money to replace. Ever Sense is battery free. Ever Sense is a Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat featuring patented Proximity Control Technology to make life easier, greener and more energy efficient. Combined with the free Ever Sense mobile app for iPhone or Android, Ever Sense automatically manages users' home temperature and energy usage based on how far, or near, each user may be from their residence. Ever Sense also includes built-in speakers for streaming music from smartphones, a weather application, energy saving tips and more. The user's privacy is protected because the system makes the calculations internal to the smart phone, thus it never reveals the user's location.

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